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Changing the face home care.

In Loving Memory of Esperanza Nazario

1955 - 2017

A loving mother, sister, and aunt Esperanza was the driving force for the conception an ultimately bringing Faith & Hope Home Care Services into fruition. Esperanza raised four strong independent woman and also has helped her daughters to raise their children. An amazing mother and grandmother Esperanza's love and belief in her daughter and niece gave them the confidence they needed to take the leap and even in her passing she keeps her loved ones going. For that we thank and love you Esperanza, continue to rest in peace and we pray that we continue to make you proud.

Esperanza Nazario

In Loving Memory of Esperanza Nazario. We are doing this for you!

We combine experience 

with heart. 

For 5 + years, Faith and Hope Home Care Services has delivered quality in-home care, supporting older adults with a wide range of needs and age-related conditions. We’ve provided over a million hours of care to families just like yours. Today, are Connecticut's leading provider of premium in-home care, offering an even broader range of care services.

Vision and Mission.

Our vision is to expand our love and quality services; reaching as many beautiful souls as possible in a positive, professional and proficient manner. This vision of ours not only provides tender love and care for human beings in dire need, but also provides employment opportunity. The mission is to watch our company flourish full of hopeful and satisfied patients along with numerous heaven-sent caregivers..​


This company was pieced together by personal beliefs and experiences. We will be the ones the patient can depend on unconditionally and becoming family. We will treat our clients like our own family. Understanding that they too are a human being who feels, smiles, cries and worries just like us. Being forced to experience this new stage in their lives and  trusting us to have their best interest at heart. 

A little something 

about us. 

Yolanda DeJesus

"My mothers care team made the process bearable & although we new we were going to lose her, her care team went above and beyond to make things a little more painless. They made sure our time with her was just that, OUR time. We didn't have to spend time worrying about paperwork or finding doctors or anything that would have made that time any more difficult. Their caring, compassion, and dedication made what was already a difficult time just a bit easier. At the worst time in the lives of my family and I, this team of strangers treated us as a part of their family. When someone ask why i chose to open a healthcare agency, I'm able to respond without a second thought, I want to be to my clients and their families what my mothers care team was to us. When people think of Faith & Hope Home Care Services, i want them to know their loved one will always be treated with caring, dignity, and respect no matter the level of service they require. There are so many steps that go into starting a In-home Health Care Agency and these details no matter how big or small are all equally important. However, one of the most important things of all is the name and because Esperanza was a driving force in the opening of this agency it was only right she be front and center in the day to day operations. With that in mind one of the most meaningful things we could do was to name our agency in her honor. Esperanza translates to Hope in English and as an agency we believe it is our responsibility to restore independence & health one client at a time through Love, Faith and HOPE.

Beatriz Velez

A dedicated single mother of four Beatriz is no stranger to adversity there have been many times in her life that Beatriz has had to start anew and if you ask anyone that truly knows her to name one thing they truly love about her many would say she's fearless, others would say her humble heart and selfless spirit. Never afraid to take a chance or start over there is not much that she can't relate to. Due to this Starting a medical training facility of her own was always in her cards pairing that with a In-home Care Agency was only Natural. When her cousin approached her with the idea of starting an In-home care agency in honor of her aunt, she wasted no time in creating the perfect space within her other business, to make it happen. Faith and Hope Home Care Services is a family business run by two powerful woman who are the perfect pair to make sure that you or your loved one are well taken care of. Our employees are apart of our family that is why we ask every client...

Let our family take care of yours?

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